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Keeper Dilemma - How Lucky am I? :)


Need some keeper advice from the Foot Clan… I have to decide on which keeper option I want by tomorrow, please let me know your thoughts:

Here are the details:
-10 team full point PPR
-2RB, 3WR, 1Flex
-Each team can keep 3 players max
-I am keeping Jordi with my 13th round pick (I drafted him 2 years ago when he was injured)

Here are my keeper options:

Keep Le’veon Bell and give up 1st round pick + keep DeMarco Murray and give up my 4th round pick
Keep Le’veon Bell and give up 1st round pick + keep Antonio Brown and give up my 2nd round pick
Keep Antonio Brown and give up 1st round pick + keep Demarco Murray and give up 4th round pick

I’m leaning towards option #1, because it makes me nervous drafting 2 Steelers with my first 2 picks, but interested to know what you think…


I would keep Bell & Brown. Yes, they’re on the same team but they are rated #2 & #3 overall for a reason (let’s just say D. Johnson is #1 overall). I’d take them all day with Jordy a steal at 13. Plus, you are in a 3WR league that still ahs a flex which means WR gets diluted a lot faster and to have 2 of the top 7 WR in the game is huge.


Bell and Brown. Too good to let them go. You’ll win weeks with just Le’Veon, AB and Jordy alone.