Keeper Dilemma: J.Taylor vs J.Jefferson vs J.Robinson

Help!! I’m in a .5 PPR, super-flex league. I have the 11th pick out of 12, and my keeper options are:

Jonathan Taylor (costs a 4th)
Justin Jefferson (costs a 16th)
James Robinson (costs a 16th)

I know the value of Jefferson for free or even Robinson after the Etienne injury seems ideal, but RBs are premium and an RB1 like Taylor for a 4th is still great value too.

thats tough, that justin jefferson value is hard to pass, but Jtay in the 4th is a steal too.

do you know what the other keepers are for the league? if people are keeping Top RB’s, taylor might be the move

I think I’d go Jefferson with the 16th.

I love Taylor and he is a great value as a 4th, but the value of taking a 3rd/4th round WR in the 16th with top-5 upside is too much to pass up on when Taylor is likely an early 2nd rounder in a superflex.

I think I’m inclined to agree. If I keep Jefferson, any thoughts on how to approach my first two picks at 11 and 14? This is only my second year in super-flex and last year I kept Lamar so I wasn’t really tasked with drafting 2 starting QBs. I imagine that waiting until picks 35/38 for my first QB isn’t a great strategy, so part of the reason Taylor is appealing is that I can come out with a QB1, RB1, and RB2 by pick 14; Jefferson for free is great value but a WR keeper makes the key positions on team harder to come by.

Taylor is being overdrafted a bit. His actual value is more like a third round pick, so keeping an RB2 with a 4th round pick isn’t any particular value.

I’d keep Jefferson.

Pick the two best RBs with your first two picks. Then another WR. Then start thinking about QBs.

I personally would keep Jefferson. You have a locked in WR for free basically. If superflex the RBs may not fly off board as quickly. With you having such a long wait after your first two picks I personally would keep Jefferson pick up 1 QB and 1 RB so you have more flexibility in the draft. That is assuming there is a descent QB to take

I would keep Jefferson. RB’s are a premium but that value is to good to pass up imo. Knowing which RB’s are still available come the draft or which WRs might be available will help as well. To get an idea of who might be available come your 11th pick. With the information given I probably lean Jefferson though.

That’s a good point, I’ll reach out to my commissioner to see about the other teams’ keepers. I recall from last year’s draft being surprised at how many first round talents were off the board before things even started.