Keeper Dilemma - Keep 4/Expansion Question

The league: Full PPR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 flex:

Keeper Rules: Can keep up to four players at the cost of the round they were drafted at. I’m picking 8th this year.

Who would you keep between:

CMC (1st)

Cook (2nd)

Tyreek (3rd)

J. Jacobs (5th)

Golladay (6th)

Carson (7th)

Kyler Murray (8th)

Miles Sanders (9th)

Ekeler (13th)

Chark (17th)

Scary Terry (17th)

Mostert (17th)

Also, my keeper league is adding two new teams. How would you guys suggest doing an expansion draft? My initial thought was setting a deadline for keepers two weeks before the draft, then having the two teams pick from the pool of players that aren’t kept at the expense of the round the player was selected in the previous year’s draft.


For keepers I would go with CMC Jacobs Golladay and Ekeler

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I’d go with CMC, Golladay, Sanders, Ekeler

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How many years can you keep a player? Does the draft cost ever change?

I like option you presented. Depending on your answer above it would easily allow those new managers to keep the players gained through the expansion in future years.

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Thanks, @fun4willis!

You can keep a player for up to 3 years. The cost will go up a round the longer you keep him.

I would keep:

Christian McCaffrey for a 1st
Josh Jacobs for a 5th
Miles Sanders for a 9th
Austin Ekeler for a 13th

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This is actually a good strategy. Given the 2 flex you have 4 legit RBs that are first or second round picks. Then in your draft you can attack at WR

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Gotta love when you just nail your draft the year before in a keeper league like this. You can argue that keeping any of these guys except Kyler really.

CMC is a lock for me.

Are you comfortable with potentially getting half a season out of cook due to his shoulder issues? I’m not even worried about the holdout, just the worry that he reaggravates that shoulder issue early on and it nags him all season long. If you’re fine with that, definitely take cook too.

Jacobs for a 5th seems logical, and Miles Sanders for a 9th is even better value in ppr arguably. I’d love to have all 4 RB’s.

Tyreek in the 3rd is a slight value for his ADP, but he’s a risky boom bust player in general. It would complement your other keepers quite nicely.

Golladay for a 6th is pretty solid value too as he’s going in the 3rd in ADP last I checked.

Carson is too risky compared to the rest of these guys

Ekeler is a screaming value but is riskier than these other RB’s imo

Chark and Terry are screaming values and should be WR1/2’s this season.

I’d probably just keep 3 RB’s with Tyreek or go 4 RB and just try to draft Chark/Terry at their ADP’s.

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Loved the breakdown of each player, and I agree with all of your points. To make an argument for Kyler, I’d put him in the top 5 among QBs this year due to the offense surrounding him. That being said, I’m not sure if that is worth burning a keeper slot on him.

CMC is 100% a lock. No question.

My early thought was CMC, Golladay (a healthy Stafford is a good thing for him as even without him, he still put up numbers), Ekeler (the workload should be there), and either Tyreek/Jacobs/Sanders.