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Keeper dilemma...please HELP!


12 team ppr keeper league, we can keep 3 players that move up 2 rounds every year. I currently have a straglehold on the RB position but have to try to trade someone but not sure what the best course of action is. Currently have Bell (1st round cost), Hunt (1st round cost), McCaffrey (1st round cost), Kamara (8th round cost). I also have Keenan Allen (1st round cost), Stefon Diggs (5th round cost), and Doug Baldwin (3rd round cost)…I am trying to make some deals for my keepers for draft picks, but with the talent I have I’m just not 100% sure what direction I should take. The only guaranteed keeper that I am not questioning is Kamara. Do I trade Bell and keep Hunt just based on age?? Where does McCaffrey figure in this??? Should I keep a WR??? Before you ask how I was able to acquire these guys, Bell has been on my team for a while now. Drafted Hunt in round 2 last year, drafted Allen in round 3, drafted Kamara in round 10, drafted Diggs in round 7. Traded for Douggie and McCaffrey. I know this is long winded but I would appreciate the help. I know how to build a team, just second guess managing it.


Can’t really comment on what your options would be as far as trading out goes as it depends on the league/owners and not knowing who they are keeping and what not. I honestly would keep Bell, Kamara and Diggs. You will be set at RB for the 2nd and 3rd round go WR and look for depth at RB or WR at round 4. You can very well still land a WR1 in round 2 with Diggs as your WR2 w/ WR1 upside. If not you can very well package Allen Hunt and/or McCaffrey as they are well-liked enough generally to attract interest to pull a trade off.


I’d go with Bell, Kamara and Diggs as well! Trade the others for whatever you can get.