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KEEPER Dilemma! Zeke, Gurley, Thomas, Dez


I need advice on my keepers. I have to keep 2. it’s is .5 ppr, 12 man. No draft picks or penalties for keepers. I have to decide between:

  • I was planning on Thomas and Zeke, but now with the Zeke news I am reconsidering. A lot of great RB’s will be kept and being empty at RB1 for up to 6 weeks has me wondering if I keep Zeke and Gurley and hope to get back to Thomas. Can I justify letting Thomas go and keeping Zeke with the suspension?Do I entertain keeping Dez and Thomas? I feel like I have to keep Zeke since we are a long term keeper league, but I need help!



If it is long term, and with no penalty, then I think u have to keep Zeke. And Thomas. I am trying to trade for him in my dynasty league. Hopefully u gain good enuf options to get u through till week 8.


You have been served a major sucks donut. But the long term implications pretty much dictate that you need to keep Zeke. It will change your draft strategy knowing you have to compensate for dead weight, but long term, it is best.

As for #2, this is a conundrum for me. If I believed that Gurley was going to be a solid RB1/2 going forward, he would be my choice, even though I love the upside of Thomas. My personal fear is that Gurley is just not as special as we thought. So I would keep Thomas.


Thanks guys. I appreciate the advice! #sucksdonut