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Keeper Dilemma


In a bit of a pickle.
I’m in a 14 team, standard league and I have to pick 1 keeper.

C. Hyde
CJ Anderson
A. Dalton


Carlos Hyde


I would plug my nose and pick Hyde also.


there has to be more options than this for you. and if not, you HAVE to keep a guy? plus what are the keeper penalties?


Yeah, I would definitely have to. Hyde had maybe 3 good games last season between being injured and on a SF offense that couldn’t move the ball.


Agreed Hyde.


I just looked it up and it actually looks like I’d just" pick from the available pool of players at the end of the keeper round" if I didn’t pick a keeper. May be the best option but I’m not sure if that is the entire pool of available players or just the ones who were not possible keepers on another team. This is ESPN league btw.

So yes those are my best options for keepers. Next best are Diggs and Tate.

I’m not sure what the keeper penalties are. Can’t find anything on it. Maybe there are none?

I had Brandon Marshall for two previous years and thought it’d be smart to grab Fitzy and some other Jets. Then Marshall, Fitzy and the whole Jets team caught serious cases of “WTF I forgot how to play football” and I was playing catch-up ever since. Obviously never caught up. Finished 13/14.


sounds like all keepers are “first rounders”. they may not be labeled as such, but no penalty basically just means they all end up in that spot. so if you get to pick from the pool, i keep no one and see whats there. then if nothing else, you just pick your guy back up and move on.


Yeah it’s a one keeper league? If so, and if you’re allowed to skip keeping anyone, you will definitely have somebody better available with your first pick than any of the above.

It sounds like you’re a little unsure of the keeper rules tho, you may want to reach out to your commissioner for some clarity.

Btw if you do have to keep someone, the answer is definitely not Dalton. I would consider keeping Anderson over Hyde, but I know I’m in the minority there. And even then, I might just keep Hyde knowing I can get Anderson later anyway.


Honestly I like Anderson more but with Jamaal coming in plus what was partly a committee backfield last season it’s tough there too.

I’m definitely not sure of the rules. The Commish isn’t either though. When asked about whether I have to select a keeper he said “I don’t think so.” Looking into rules, I’m positive I don’t have to and it looks like I’ll get a pick at the end.

It seems like maybe no pick is the best decision here. Thanks for the help!