Keeper Dilemmaz

Hey Footclan! What are your thoughts on 3 keepers from the following list? 12-team, super flex, PPR

K Pitts - 3rd
J Chase - 4th
J Williams - 5th
T Lance - 5th
M Pittman - 8th
D Watson - 12th
R Penny - 13th
J Dobbins - 13th

Much love!

Do you give up the pick that they where originally picked at or is it just first 3 lost.

Our league keeps them 2 rounds earlier than the round they were selected in the previous year. The numbers after the names are the rounds I would have to keep them in this year’s upcoming draft!

When do you need to decide by? I would go Chase for sure and if Dobbins costs only a 13th, then that could be a high risk steal. For your 3rd, I would maybe think about Lance, but that depends on when you need to decide by. Javonte and Pittman could be considerations too, but they each have their own questions/competition, but those situations could be more clear as the summer goes on.