Keeper Dillema - Project Takeover

I’m not sure who to keep this year if anyone at all. Took over for an established squad in a keeper league and my options on keepers are pretty limited:

RB: Austin Ekeler
RB: Kerryon Johnson
WR: Jarvis Landry
WR: Terry McLaurin

Gut tells me to not keep anyone, but the only one that tempts me is Austin Ekeler or maybe Terry McLaurin.

Curious on the thoughts from #footclan

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Is there a keeper penalty in this league?

Where are you drafting at in the first round? @colsonherman

Yes, if you take a keeper you forfeit a round of drafting. It does not matter what round you drafted them in either, If i were to keep just Ekeler I would forfeit first round pick.

If the keeper is essentially your first round pick, then I would choose to keep no one from this list. You can draft them at ADP if you want them on your roster.

None are worthy of losing your 1st round.