Keeper Draft 2021

My league allows me to keep 2 players at a minus 2 from draft position. I could keep Kyler Murray at a 5th round cost and Terry McLaurin at a 6th round cost. Waiver wire pick ups cost 11th round pick. Would you rather have DJ Chark, Courtland Sutton, or Will Fuller at an 11th round cost or either Murray at a 5th or McLaurin at a 6th? We can keep these players for a max of 3 years in a .5 ppr. Thanks in advance

Guns Up

Kyler in the 5th would be about his ADP. McLaurin in the 6th would be a round or two better than his ADP. Chark, Sutton, Fuller in the 11th are at least 3+ rounds better than their ADP. Do you want value or do you want to hold on to your studs?