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Keeper Draft Decisions


During a keeper league draft does the possible keeper potential of a player ever outweigh a possibly better pick. I’m in a 3-man keeper league. Our keepers are rounds 1-3 of the draft. My keepers are Michael Thomas, Isaiah Crowell and Demaryius Thomas. Nothing special. PPR. I know with my first pick I could possibly select Jordy Nelson or one of the top rookie RBs. We can keep guys forever. Getting any of these top rookies RBs in the 4th round is decent value. And could potentially be a keeper for a long time. But Jordy Nelson is a stellar pick. I suppose it also depends on how many years Jordy will play at a high level.

So I’m not necessarily asking who I should pick, but what goes through your head when it comes to making decisions like this. Is it to take the better player no matter what and win now and let the keeper chips fall where they may? Or do you draft with an eye on future seasons?


In a keeper league, you always draft with an eye on the future.

Does every team HAVE to keep 3 players? And if not, if you only keep 2 players does that mean you would be the only one drafting in the 3rd round? If you don’t HAVE to keep 3 players, let Thomas go back in and grab Jordy with your 3rd round pick and then draft as usual.

That being said, I feel like your league is kind of the “in-between” to me. It’s not a dynasty but you still keep 3 (which is a lot, to me). And all the keepers are weighed the same, as in there is no value attached to them…If you hit on a late round RB and want to keep him, he’s still costing you a 1-3rnd pick. To answer your question, I feel that you have to base the decision on who is available once all the keepers lock. I think you’ll have a good feel if you look ahead or play for 2017 after all the keepers are locked.


Thanks man! Appreciate the feedback.

We do have to keep three and as of now all keepers are locked in so I know who is available. I have the 2nd pick in the draft so I have a good idea of who will be there. Top guys available are Melvin Gordon, Jordy Nelson, Jay Ajayy, Todd Gurley and all the rookie RBs. I’m assuming Gordon will be selected first and that’s what sparked my question. I like Jordy a lot but taking a young/rookie RB here isn’t bad either.

And I understand what you mean as far as all the keepers are weighed the same. I just took this league over from another commissioner and I may make some keeper procedure adjustments next year. Didn’t want to shake the league up too much with the transition.

Thanks again


No problem. I run my league and we can keep 2 players if we choose. Keepers are kept at their drafted round value and any undrafted FA pickups that you want to keep cost 12th round picks. We have a 2 time keeper limit (carry them a total of 3 years before they have to be put back in).


I would be looking to draft guys would could replace Crow and DT as my keeper for the next several years, while also providing value today. I’m not so sure Jordy fits that bill. I’d be looking at Gurley, What I, and whichever rookie RB you trust the most (I personally really like McCaffrey).


Gurley, Ajayi *