Keeper Draft League

Hey everyone,

I am taking over a team in a friends keeper league and will be keeping McCaffrey in the 2nd round re-draft. I’m still relatively new to fantasy and placed 5th last season in a 12 person league. I’ve been thinking of doing a “double-down RB draft” and with my first 2 picks getting 2 top-10 RBs. My question is, is this a good idea or should a draft a top-5 WR for my first round pick and get another RB for my 3rd round? Thanks in advance on your comments.

-Robbie H.

For me it all depends on who is available, don’t have a set strategy that I will stick to regardless of who is there

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Definitely stay fluid and see who is there. IMHO the first 3-4 rounds are always best available. I try to land at least 1 from WR / RB position, but starting with CMC you could go 3 WR and have it work just fine.

Look at your pool and go from there. I hope this helps :+1:

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Depends on where you are in the draft… If your first round pick is at like the 1.08(first round and 8th pick) or back I might go WR… But if your in the front half of the first round id prob snag a stud RB and then go WR 3RD round and you should be fine.

But yeah def take best available player.

But keeper drafts are alittle easier to map out in the first couple rounds… As if you are the 1.04 and the 3 teams in front of you in the draft all kept WRs as there keepers you can prob guess they will take RBs…

So just study up on who keeps who and you might get an idea on who might fall to you.

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Thanks for the advice. Yeah that’s what I’ve been trying to do by finding out who’s keeping who. I’ve been sending messages and was able to find out a couple, but our commissioner won’t make a formal announcement on who’s keeping who. Saying we will decide keepers at the live draft.

Can’t argue with what the league rules are… But most keeper leagues have a deadline to turn keepers in… It’s usually a minimum of 1 week before the draft but some leagues do as early as like right after NFL draft. But I think 2 weeks before your actuall draft is a nice sweet spot to give owners plenty of time to mock or adjust ratings depending on the player pool of players NOT kept.

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