Keeper Draft Options - which should I keep?


this year in 1/2 PPR 12 man keeper league we introduced the option for your 2nd keeper (we keep up to 2) you have the option of drafting him in same place/round as where he was drafted last year (any 6th rnd or on last year are taken in 6th rnd - ie undrafted Kamara declared a keeper is taken in 6th rnd, Thielen taken in 14th will be drafted in 6th rnd etc)

That said which should I take to go with Gurley (my 1st rnd keeper) - I won the league, #FUTClanTitle, and reverse standings order starts rnd 2 (since rnd 1 is all keepers there is no advantage for teh team that came in 12th) so my 1st pick is 2 - 12

Kareem, Kuh-reeeeem in round 3 (1st pick, so basically he is a 2-12 as theyre back to back picks)
Davante Adams in 4th (4-12)
Ertz in 6th (6-12)
DeShaun Watson in 6th (doubtful, but secure)

Kareem is where I sit now however locking either of the other two position players 2 rounds later than they are going

Any help and analysis behind it will be awesome!!


Hunt. Short and sweet.

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