Keeper/Draft pick trading questions

Bonjour Footclan!

I converted my league into a Ballers’ preferred keeper and am allowing the trading of draft picks. I do have a couple questions.

  1. If a team has more draft picks than they can use, whats happens to them? Do they continue to draft players, even if it puts them over the limit, and then have to drop them by season’s beginning?

  2. For teams that traded away more of their picks without getting any back, I made the rule that they draft players after the draft (pretty much the first round of FAs), so they can start the year with the required amount. Is this the way to go? Or is there another preferred way?

I am planning on keeping track of draft pick trading via a doc, so I would be able to keep track of rosters and draft picks that way before the season starts.

Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks!

Sounds like you’re on the right track!

We do it where if you have too many picks and not enough roster spots you simply lose them. Once your bench is full, you’re done.

We do something a bit different with a team that doesn’t have enough draft picks. As a “punishment” for trading away too many picks and then getting “free” supplemental picks, we charge a $3 FAAB loss for each supplemental pick. This prevents teams from trading away too many picks and then just getting free picks at the end of the draft. Works well for us.

Highly recommend using a doc to keep track of all trades/picks etc. It can get pretty crazy and we’ve found it’s the best way to keep up with it.