Keeper/Draft Pick Trading - Values + Pick Swaps

My league is testing out keeper/draft pick trading this year, and I want to have the advantage on valuing keeper players and draft picks to make the first trade splash - BUT a lot of the trade research out there is either too generic or too specific. So, how would you value keepers/draft picks in my league?

League rules…
-10 team redraft keeper league, 1/2 PPR, snake draft.
-Keepers are worth 4 rounds (draft a guy in the 12th, keep him for a 8th, keep him again next year for a 4th, etc). Players drafted in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds are not eligible for keepers.
-Draft picks may be traded (including keeper players) in an even 1:1, 2:2, 3:3, etc package, and must be same year only, no future year picks. Trades must be approved before draft day.

SCENARIO 1 - Team A is going to keep Lamar Jackson for a 7th round keeper (because he was drafted last year in the 11th rd). Lamar’s actual ADP is around the 2nd rd. So, what is he worth in a trade in my league given his 7th rd keeper value? Would Team B need to give up a 2nd for him (his ADP), or maybe more because he has value this and next year? If Team B wants Lamar Jackson, what does he need to give up to even out a trade?

SCENARIO 2 - Team C is going to keep Nick Chubb for an 8th rounder, and wants a draft pick as well (a 2:2 trade). Chubb’s ADP is around the 2nd round. Would Team D need to give up a 2nd and a 3rd, in exchange for Chubb and let’s say a 10th? How would those pick values be calculated? If Team D wants Nick Chubb, what does he need to give up to get him in an even 2:2 trade including exchanging draft picks?

SCENARIO 3 - Team E is keeping DeVante Parker for a 6th rounder, and Team F is keeping DK Metcalf for a 6th rounder but would rather have DeVante Parker. Team E values Parker higher than Metcalf but is willing to trade. What draft picks need to be exchanged in order for this trade to even out? Parker and a 10th for Metcalf and a 9th?

Would love some perspective on this. Thanks all!