Keeper Draft Question

24 players are kept on offense not of same position. I need to chose 2 keepers out of this list going into draft. Who are my 2 keepers not of same position? Our league has unique bonuses for QBs who throw a lot of yards and run. QB tends to go high in our drafts. Our league favors players who catch the ball a lot and for players with higher potential for TDs. Our reception points are based off of thresholds that increase as the receptions go up. So a WR or RB who catches 5-6 balls or more per game are very valuable. TDs worth six all the way around.

QB Justin Herbert
WR Stephon Diggs
WR Keenan Allen
RB Chris Carson

I have an offer to trade away Diggs and my 12th pick for for AJ Brown and move up to the 8th pick. Is it really worth it? Also have considered keeping Allen and Herbert for the stack. Thanks everyone for any responses to my question!