Keeper/Draft Question

My league allows up to 2 keepers; one keeper can be any player, the second keeper must be a rookie. I have the first pick in the upcoming draft. Elliott and Barkley will be available. Who would you select knowing it is Elliott for 1 year and Barkley for 2. Also, I have David Johnson as my keeper this year. Thanks

Barkley if you get to keep him for 2 :+1:

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I really like Barkley’s situation (Engram and Odell) , add in his skillset and he’s the one I am going with. I might be wrong, but I heard a stat about Eli leading the league in passes to his Rb over the last 4 years. Dak worries me greatly, his wide receivers worry me even more… Word has it Dak has not even thrown a TD pass in training camp yet. Hurns is once again having little nagging health issues, and T. Williams supposedly has a foot issue going on. If they don’t get that passing game off the ground, and keeping in mind Dak’s second year slump-- Elliot could be facing some heavy fronts.

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I agree Barkley for 2 years sounds like the way to go. Just keep in mind you’ll want to skew younger with your next pick. i.e. if your next pick your deciding between Fitz and Hill maybe lean towards Hill since he’s more likely to be a viable keeper next year