Keeper Draft Strategy Advice Wanted

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Ive been blessed in my keeper league by drafting Saquon and CMC last year. The issue is that there is minimal value here. Should I be prioritizing value WRs here or just go zero WR and grab the best talent off the board at the time, even if its another RB? Ive tried this before and have just been demolished at the WR position in the past. My league is pretty competitive - everyone know’s their stuff and does their due diligence. Any advice is appreciated!


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I think I need more detail in order to provide any advice.

  • How many keepers?
  • Are there keeper penalties?
  • Are you looking for strategy applied to picking keepers or who to draft afterwards?

2 keepers, 10 teams, full PPR, no penalty for keeping these guys, they are my first and second round picks. Im looking for strategy for drafting afterwards. I usually prioritize value. For example Ive been able to grab guys at 2-3 round value at rounds 8-6 for the past 3 years, they’ve been pretty no brainer calls so I’ve been able to get well rounded teams so this is relatively new territory for me. Ive never used both my #1 and #2 picks on keepers before.

Thanks Willis!

Honestly, a keeper league does not drastically affect my draft strategy. The players selected in the first two rounds of a redraft league are usually pretty chalk. Meaning the same names, more or less, but in a slightly different order from one league to the next. I would expect those same/similar players to be selected as keepers.

Drafting after the second round in a keeper league, as described, will likely occur as it would play out drafting after the second round in a redraft.

I’d be looking to get two receivers with my next two picks… You’re going to be favored at the position over every team you face all season long, so while other teams are focused on adding a back or two, you can probably get two solid WR’s.

I think it’s important to familiarize yourself with those middle round backs as well. Guys like Justice Hill should be on your radar in the PPR format - try to figure out ways to add less exciting names that will contribute rather than over committing to the Derrick Henry’s of the world since you really shouldn’t need them to be more than a spot start here or there.

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Solid advice, thanks folks