Keeper Draft Strategy - No 3/5 Round Picks

Hey Footclan! Prepping up for the fantasy season here. Wanted to get everyone’s opinion on how to tackle my draft this year.

Superflex Keeper League.
Traded away my 3rd & 5th round picks (Lost in the Championship)
Keeping Lamar with a 4th Rounder
Keeping DJ Moore with a 6th Rounder

Whats everyone’s thoughts? Do I go RB/RB early, RB/TE, hell even RB/QB? Going to be interesting.

Thanks guys! Good luck this season.

My personal strategy is to be very RB heavy in the first 6 rounds. I usually come out with 4-5 rb’s. This could work for you especially with Moore in the 6th.

If I was you, I’d look for the best RB I can with that first pick and then go water…best available/tier-based with your second. It’s hard to predict what will be available after the keeper/cuts in your league are done, and you might see a tier based gem at your slot…