Keeper Draft Strategy

Hey Footclan. Draft strat opinions. 10tm 2rb 3wr 1/2ppr Keeper league. I’m drafting Kamara in the 14th and have the 8th overall pick. Do I aim for 2 top-tier WRs in the 1st and 2nd? or try and get a 2nd tier RB and top end WR?

In my experience, having a position strat is okay, but be willing to throw that out the window. If you say you’re going WR at 8 but a top 5 RB falls in your lap, take the RB. Basically, pick value over position.

With that being said, I would target my WR1 at 8 figuring the first 5-6 picks will be RBs unless they’ve been kept. I’d rather have my WR1 over my RB7, especially in a 3WR format. Round 2 will be whoever falls to you. Again, pick talent over position.

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