Keeper Draft Strategy?

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This year I will be participating in my very first keeper league. 10 Team 0.5 PPR settings. We’re allowed to keep 3 players for a maximum of 3 years. Considering this is my first time in a keeper league I am curious as to how I should approach the draft. What are some strategies I should employ when drafting? Should I be targeting younger players over established veterans like Larry Fitz even though I can only keep 3 players? Should I be targeting young QBs like Jameis or Mariota over Brees/Brady. Those are only two questions that come to mind as of right now but any draft strategies you guys use would be much appreciated. Also if you have any links to keeper strategies I would be delighted to read them. Thanks in advance for all help guys it means a lot! Go Jags!!

Hey MangoTango,

I would approach the front end of your draft as usual: get established studs and go for best player available. In the later rounds you may want to veer toward upside and youth because if you hit then, you’d be getting a discount for years to come but reaching for young players/upside picks would minimize their potential value in your next draft.

Hope this helps to start!

  • Jared

Something that could also affect how you should strategize is what the rules are for keeper costs/whether you can keep a player you picked up from waivers.

Great advice, thanks a ton Jared!

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Question: Which picks do you lose when you keep a given player? For instance, do you lose the pick in the round of a given player’s Average Draft Position (ADP)? Or, do you lose your first three picks no matter who you select? If the former, you could pick those players you believe to be under valued. If a player’s ADP is, say, 50 but you believe they really have third round pick value, then that may be the way to go. If you are going to lose your first three picks no matter who you select, then I would go with the top three players based on ADP or your gut feel. Since they are yours for a maximum of three years, I would not be looking ahead of this year. Sorry for the windage and good luck!

Sorry for not stating that originally! We lose the pick in the round of the player’s ADP. Thanks for the advice Rob and good luck to you too this season!

Sure man best of luck!