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Keeper/Dynasty Keeper Help! Insanity League


Foot Clan, I need your wisdom and guidance!

First Team/League: 12-Person PPR Auction Keeper. Started with three keepers year 2, and we have been slowly expanded to dynasty, which we will remain until someone wins a back-2-back…then it’s Ragnarok (that person lives phat off the empire prize, and the league is blown up). There are 30 pages of by-laws, contracts, etc., but I won’t bore you with that. I just need to know who is better to keep, prices are all low and team friendly. We are allowed to keep 7 and franchise tag 1 (1 year extension: cost is 1/4 their total points from previous year), but can only keep 3 RB and 3 WR maximum, other players have to be from another position. I was going to keep Dixon, but the tear happened.

Here are my keepers:

QB: Winston
WR: Green
WR: Watkins
RB: M. Gordon
RB: Howard
Flex: Gillislee
Potential: Crowder or Coleman (can’t keep both)

I was offered Spencer Ware for Crowder? Fair deal, or should I aim higher? I was also offered Hunter Henry for Crowder, but I countered Coleman and Walker for Henry (Walker would be too expensive for me to keep). What tier RB/TE would be of similar value to Crowder? Or, should I say, “the hell with Coleman and the trade offers,” and just keep Crowder? Again, it’s PPR, but there are a lot of mouths in Washington.

Any advice would be most gracious

Insanity Empire Keeper Question (Link)

My Franchise tag is Howard (based on cost). So I can still keep a RB. Sorry, forgot to mention.


Well, Spencer Ware may lose starting job at some point in the season. And Antonio Gates comes back, so Hunter Henry will have to step up for that job, so who knows how that will go for the time being.
I would look for somebody else if you have a need at all, don’t know about the rest of you’re team. Crowder would be a better keeper than Coleman in my opinion. He’s got Captain Kirk throwing him the ball!


After owning the Cap’n last year, I definitely became a fan. Kirk slangs it all over the yard! Plus, Reed is already hurt, which lends to the hold onto Crowder-side of this. Thanks for the input, but is that a Cleveland football elf I see?! No Coleman love?! Blasphemy! Haha, my Pops is a die-hard Browns fan, and it’s been a long road for him (for at least my entire life). Hopefully Coleman doesn’t fall on anymore loose footballs, or suffer broken hands from Kessler’s shotgun throws. He is incredibly talented.


My bad, I think it was a McCown Blast!


I am an all Cleveland fan! Ha! But I do put my bias aside when it comes to fantasy football of course. My dad does think it’s blasphemous! I have a lot of love for Coleman, not a whole lot of love for the Quarterback situation. Yeah, two practice injuries, it makes me nervous. He is so talented!


I hear you. I’m a Chargers fan, so…yeah. The past couple years of injuries have been super swell. We have a Iron-horse QB, but no one else can seem to stay on the field to protect him, or catch those BOLO sidearms. Let’s see if the move doesn’t make the team want to stretch a little more during practice. I am excited for this season. I just got my season tix. Browns in December. Football’s coming!


And by the way…you’re dad is a smart man. I like him already. There is a bright future. (As long as Hugh Jackson sticks around). And it is coming! Can’t wait!


They have definitely made positive strides. Aside from Gilbert and Manziel, they have been making good use of draft capital (and picks). That o-line looks fierce. Gutting the team (and hiring a saber-metrician) was the right call. I liked the Kizer pick. He has as much upside as anyone in that QB class. I’ve always liked Jackson as a coach. Bounty-gate HOF coordinating the def… watch out. Now, if they could only get the real Kevin Costner…