Keeper early or late round

Trying to decide between a guaranteed position and value. I can keep one either. cook for a first , Hopkins for a 2nd(basically their asp), herbert, or Gaskin(both would be for 15th FA add).
I might be over thinking this and should go with Gaskin. But the way I see it I could get a guarantee with Cook or Hopkins, while Gaskin could flop.

If superflex, Herbert. If not, Cook. Gaskin is a better value but you’re giving up guaranteed work horse for middling RB, just because he’s cheap.

Also, if you have a very high 1st round pick, I’d keep Hopkins and just draft Cook or similar. 2 birds, one stone that way.

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Cook, hands down. You don’t let one of the top two players being drafted go UNLESS you know you also have the first pick and can assure yourself that you kept the value and can pick that top player back up. It has to be a 100% certainty for me to consider that though. Otherwise, the top end players are just too hard to replace. The problem is you only have so many roster spots to fill and you want to maximize the amount of points per spot (DUH). Cook is such an advantage that i don’t even think the kind of value you’re getting on Gaskin here makes up for it - and you are getting a fantastic value on him.

An important thing to consider with round value is that not all first rounders are created equally. Yes it seems steep giving up market value to retain a player but its important to realize that he’s a top 3 pick consensus. In my opinion unless you have another first round calibre going at lesser round rates then you don’t over think. Take the highest ranked guy and build from strength.

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