Keeper eligibility rules

We have changed our league to a 1 Keeper league in season four. We set the constitution at ‘any undrafted player from previous season goes in final rd13 if keeper.’
Are including the rookies ok…? if so, someone has nailed it with CEH !

We only allow those who were already drafted, as rookies haven’t been drafted and can’t be a keeper yet because of that.
Good luck with settling that for your league.

So what about players like a Darren Waller, McLaurin etc who may not have been drafted last year and picked up off waivers ? you wouldn’t allow good pick-ups like that as keepers?

In my league, we decided to not allow waiver wires as keepers. Only drafted players. Makes things a lot easier to keep track of. Also, if your league doesn’t use FAAB then the fairness of landing those players on waivers are unbalanced which just adds to the problem.