Keeper: Ertz or Corey Davis?

1/2pt PPR league, can keep one player. not sure whether the Ertz consistency or the Davis high ceiling is a better choice…

What round can you keep them in ? I like ertz but Davis may surprise this year … but having the trouble of not needing to look for tight end is nice !

Don’t need to give up a round, just keeper free of charge

If there’s no round penalties, Ertz may be the safer keeper. Agholor still dinged up, Jeffrey not even a safe bet to start the season off the PUP, Ertz may be the only reliable pass catcher outside of the backfield that they have… especially in the red zone.

This from one of the biggest Corey Davis lovers out there (he should be good, but until he proves he’s more than just college stats and measurable, I’d take the proven productions near the top of the TE rankings).

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I agree with the dr.!!