Keeper... Evan Engram or Kenyan Drake 1/2ppr

Who would you keep out of these 2. Thanks in advance

Is it same cost?

If so, Drake.

Yeah its a 1/2 ppr 12 man league and we can keep anyone on our roster at the end of last season… As long as it was after the 5th rd

I would go Drake unless you’re gonna be stacked at RB. Engram is a top 5 TE for me.

Well I’m drafting in the 10th hole and here are most of the guys people are keeping so I don’t know how deep I’m really gonna be… So Kelce, Ertz, Juju, kamara, mckinnon, c.kupp, j. Gordon, tyreek hill, melvin Gordon,drake or Engram… that’s all I know for now so it kinda hampers who I will be picking 1.10 but from the mocks I’ve been doing it’s been the Beckham/Jones Fournette area. The turn is hard cause most of them that get me are already kept… so I don’t know… decisions decisions

Derrick Henry is being kept not Melvin Gordon

Drake. I don’t care the circumstances. Definitely Drake.