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Keeper/First Round Pick Question (McCoy vs. Jordy)


Hey guys, I need some help making a tough decision.

This year I plan to keep Devonta Freeman in a 12 team Half PPR league. Drafting second overall this year I will have the opportunity to then draft Jordy Nelson, who was my WR1 from last season. However I have found out the owner who is keeping Odell Beckham, also owned Lesean McCoy making McCoy available. I

Should I draft Jordy or Lesean McCoy 2nd overall to pair with Devonta Freeman? Basically should I go Freeman/McCoy or Freeman/Jordy?

Thanks guys!


I’d go Shady…Can’t go wrong either way really.


agreed. Shady gonna get some work this year!


I’m a big fan of Shady as well. He’s gonna be a PPR monster this year.


So it seems thus far that people think Shady would be a better pick than Jordy. Lets say I kept Jordy instead and then drafted Shady. Thats another possibility.


Now with that option what seems best? Two Elite RBs? Or an elite RB and WR?