Keeper: Flash or Thielen?

With this news about Josh Gordon, should I keep him in the 10th round or keep Thielen in the 7th? Decision is killing me

wooooooooow, thats a tough one.
who else do you have and what format?

flash in the 10th is eye opening but would like to see your roster before putting my 2 cents lol

Just a one keeper league, to be honest. It’s 12 team, 3-WR and I have the 10th pick. Was thinking starting with Melvin Gordon, grabbing McCaffrey coming back (I think I can make that work based on the league) and then grabbing my other two WR’s at the 3/4 turn (hoping Baldwin>Fitz>Cooper>DT. I know Thielen would be safer, but there are much better players available at round 7 than 10, plus Flash’s upside…

1/2 PPR btw

Gordon for me.

agree gordon!

Personally I would keep Thielen, I think his production is more guaranteed. Gordon could definitely go off this year but there are a lot of mouths to feed in Cleveland this year. But with the value you would get on either of those player i dont think you could really go wrong.

Yeah I feel like there are just as many mouths to feed in Minnesota (Diggs, Thielen, Rudolph, Cook). Diggs seems to be Cousins’ preferred target and I’m just afraid they won’t have to throw the ball much in the 2nd half because they are going to be ahead in so many games and their D is so good.

The strength of the MN defense is somewhat of a concern but they play in a very good division and i’m sure they will have plenty of competitive games so I wouldn’t really worry that much. Even if Diggs is the first read in MN Thielen will still get plenty of work and Cousins is far better than either QB for the Browns.
Gordon just recently rejoined the active roster in Cleveland, so we have no clue what the chemistry is like with either QB and over the past several years the Browns have been a much lower volume passing offense.