Keeper for 2018

Going into the draft this year we’re doing one keeper, my options on a keeper are Zeke, Kareem Hunt, or David Johnson. Got lucky last year and took Johnson with the 1:01 pick, zeke in the second and Hunt in the 10th. So hard decision as to who becomes the keeper

Do you lose any picks if you keep a player?

If you don’t lose any picks your deciding between Johnson and Zeke, just depends on your preference.

If you do lose picks, your best value (easily) is Hunt in the 10th.

Agree with srivers :point_up:️ (1st reply). I believe DJ is the best option unless you lose the draft pick they were drafted last yr. In that case, Hunt is the best option.

I third these notions

Unfortunately I believe it’s a first round selection, everyone claims it’s unfair if we do it by round we got last year since players like hunt and Kamara went late

Weird rules. If it’s all the same round Hunt is out for me and it’s between Zeke and DJ, where I lean Zeke by a bit.