Keeper for .5 PPR league

12 team .5 ppr league, league will be transitioning to a super flex next season. We have a round +1 for keepers, which would leave me with CMC for a first (10th overall), Marlon Mack for a 10th rounder or Matt Ryan for a 10th rounder. I can’t decide how I should approach because of the value on Mack and the impending 2QB (superflex) league.

Even with it becoming superflex, Matt Ryan keeping Ryan is out.

Now it’s a question of talent vs value.

Is Mack a great value in the 10th? Absolutely.
Would I rather have that value of a 3/4th rounder in the 10th or give myself one of the Big 4 RBs?

I look at it the way when the draft is over and everyones team is filled and draft rounds don’t matter anymore, would I rather have Mack or CMC?

CMC for me please.