Keeper for THIS WEEKEND advice, please

With the hamstring concern, I am now torn on my keeper. Should it be Damien Williams in the 15th (thought this was a slam dunk a week ago) or Kerryon Johnson in the 7th? Since we draft so early, I am worried about the uncertainty with Williams and his hamstring.

Can you keep guys for multiple years? If so, are there round penalties?

Prior to the hamstring issue, I think Kerryon over D Will wouldn’t have been crazy if you can keep a guy for multiple years. So far everyone expects Williams to be a 1 year wonder at most. His contract extension was only for 2 years; so, its likely they draft or sign someone next year.
In redraft D. Williams is probably more valuable because he has top 5 upside that I just don’t see for Kerryon. Meanwhile, I think Kerryon’s floor is higher. I think Kerryon will be around RB10-15 but D Will could be RB3 to a backup half way through the year. So in a keeper league where you can keep a guy for multiple years, I think Kerryon in the 7th (presumably the 4th or 5th next year) is better value than Williams in the 15th (presumably not worthy of a keeper next year). Hamstring issue only helps solidify the choice.

It’s a tough choice as both are unbelievable value, Williams if healthy is the pick for me. But you’ve got a short window to get information. I’d probably still lean Williams but the lack of clarity on his health is concerning

I’d keep Williams. To cover yourself in case his hamstring ends up not working out, you can draft Darwin Thompson or Carlos Hyde late (if your league is deep enough). Keeping Williams allows you to still draft KJ in round 3-4 (or later, depending on your league). KJ in the 7th is a great value, but you’ll still probably have to draft DW in rounds 1-2 if you want him, and if you do that, you will feel awful if his hamstring doesn’t heal.