Keeper Format- Feedback appreciated

We are looking at adding keepers after this season, I saw an idea from the Footballers and incorporated it into a plan for our league:

Keeper Rules

Each team must choose 2 players as detailed below:

  1. Franchise Player (1st Keeper)
    Teams will able to choose to keep one player from their previous season roster at any position they choose. They cannot franchise the same player two years in a row. However, they can put the same player in the lottery keeper pool the next year (see below).

  2. Lottery Player (2nd Keeper)
    After choosing their franchise player, teams will choose a pool of the next 3 players from their previous season roster they are most interested in keeping. The commissioner will then draw, in the presence of the owner, and randomly select 1 of these 3, which will be the team’s 2nd keeper for the new season. This player can later be franchised or re-entered into the lottery the following year.

There will be no draft cost for keepers (they will replace last two rounds of draft).

Pre-season Trades - Should an owner choose, they may trade their keeper player with another team for a draft pick or other keeper player at the next draft.

Note: If a new team enters the league, they will have the option of taking over the previous team’s keeper option. If a team leaves the league, any trade made involving keepers/picks will be canceled.

What do you think? Do I need to have them use draft picks around their ADP, at least for the franchise player?


That last note is what scares me. You are basically saying the person replacing them have no keepers and are getting screwed for at least a season to play. I understand the trade canceling, you don’t want the guy leaving hooking up a league mate on their way out, but I would still let the newb have their keepers.

So you think the new team should have the option of keeping the keepers of the team they are replacing?

Will strongly consider this. Thanks.

I don’t like this keeper format much at all. The rules I use in the keeper are as follows:

  • Max of 3 keepers (assuming 12 man league)
  • Cannot keep anyone drafted before the 6th round
  • Cannot keep waivers
  • Cost to keep is draft round less 1
  • Can only keep up to whichever is earlier a) 5 years and b) draft cost becomes < 3

Also that last clause is horrible. Puts anyone taking over the team at a significant disadvantage and you’ll be hard fought to find anyone to take over a team if they cannot keep anyone.

Changed last clause.