Keeper format!

Just curious im trying to get my long time league to adapt a new Keeper Format - wondering what is the best and fairest format ?

Basic rules.

Keep it small 0-3 keepers

Don’t allow keepers to be kept longer than 3 years.

If you do snake draft… Do a +1 of draft round… Increase that each year. So drafted in the 5th round… Can keep in the 4th. Next year can keep in the 3rd and so on. Possibly don’t let anyone keep players in first 2 rounds.

If it’s an auction draft.
My league does 30% draft price increase.

Decide what you want to do with FA… Our league doesn’t allow you to keep FA… Some leagues allow it for a certain round or certain price…

Those are some of the basics

I think the fairest keeper format is that you do a 1 round penalty from where they were drafted the year before. So if you’re keeping someone you drafted in the 3rd round last year, it’ll cost you a 2nd round this year. 1st rounders from last year can’t be kept.

And if someone wants to keep someone they got off waivers from last year, one idea is to subtract 2 rounds of their current ADP. So say you picked someone up off waivers last year and this year their current ADP is 3rd round, you can keep them for a 5th rounder this year.

Thanks for your input kinda what we have already -

We don’t allow anyone drafted in first 3 rounds kept - any player kept must give up 2 draft spots ahead where they were draft previous year- all FA keep must use 2nd form last round first year kept

I just felt ours was a little out dated but seems along same lines