Keeper going to Dynasty QB Value

My keeper league has decided to turn into a dynasty for this upcoming season. Our commish has decided that we can keep 7 players on our roster and then have a combined rookie/veteran draft this year directly after the NFL draft. After looking at the players other teams are keeping, I noticed most are keeping their QB’s. I decided to keep RBs and WRs instead. Should I value QB’s more than I am in a dynasty format?

Short answer is yes. However, not by a large amount.

How many total players were on your keeper rosters? If you list or screen snap your team, I and likely other footclan members would suggest which players to keep.

Yeah, it would be easier if I saw your roster.

QB: Matt Ryan
RB: Ingram, DJ, Forte, Ivory, Foreman
WR: Marvin Jones, Theilen, Edelman, JuJu, Sanu,
TE: Mercedes Lewis
D/ST: Vikings, Cowboys
K: Gostkowski, Tucker

Planned on keeping Ingram, DJ, Foreman, Jones, Theilen, Edelman, JuJu

Must start…1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1FLEX, 1 D/ST, 1K

just posted it

I would keep the same.

The only thing that worries me is that in this rookie/vet draft there are only 4 QB’s that are gonna be decent; Dalton, Rivers, Ryan, and Tyrod

I would be happy with two of those on my dynasty team. Especially Rivers. Don’t forget about the incoming rookies too.

Are keepers locked? Or can they change between now and the draft?

Do you know the draft order already?

I’ve got the 5th pick and 2 second round picks. Engram for some reason isn’t being kept and I should be able to snag him up for my TE. Then I can take some shots on rookies. That’s what I’m hoping to do anyway. I think since most have at least 2 QB’s the other owners wont use their first 5 rounds on them. Keepers lock day after NFL draft

Yea, i think that’s fine. If you wanted to keep Ryan instead of Edelman, I wouldn’t argue. Otherwise it looks like what I’d do.