Keeper Head Scratcher

10 Team 0.5 PPR, I have the 6th pick.

Pick 2 Keepers:
Melvin Gordon for a 1st
Fournette for a 2nd
Dalvin Cook for a 3rd
McKinnon for a 7th
JuJu for a 7th (or 8th if I also keep McKinnon)

Thanks in advance!

I think Gordon and Fournette, safe and both guaranteed a ton of volume on good, possibly contending teams. In a full PPR you could swap out Fournette for Cook as 3rd is value for him but he has more risk. Like Juju in the 7th or 8th but you cant turn down two top 10 backs. As for McKinnon based on ADP yes he’s a value but he has the highest bust risk by a mile out of those guys, i’d lock up the studs.

Edit: Should have added I’d leave Gordon and keep the first only if you’re 100% sure you can get a stud WR1 or a better RB1 with your pick. If you are then Cook and Fournette as below

Cook and Fournette

I agree on Cook and Fournette.
Keep your 1st round intact especially if you think a stud WR 1 will still be on the board.

Def cook as 1 keeper.

I’ll let others comment on who the 2nd should be as I like alot of different options.

@James89 thanks. in the mocks i’ve done with these as my keepers I wasn’t feeling super confident with my WRs that got in the 3rd and 4th (guys like Fitz, Demaryius, Baldwin, etc.) but I do agree it’s nice to lock down the volume with these two.

@mattv1818 @Wdunnett I definitely like this option best in the mocks i’ve done. I was able to grab Julio in the first (when assuming AB, Hopkins, and OBJ are kept). Only hesitation on Cook is the recent talk from the pod and Andy’s bold prediction article on how they expect Latavius to vulture TDs.

Totally agree McKinnon is a risk but he’s just got really solid value in the 7th. If he does work out, I can keep him for 6 seasons (our league incurrs a 1 round penalty for each year you keep a player, so if I wanted to keep McKinnon again next year he’d cost me a 6th, then a 5th, etc.)

Thanks everyone.

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