Keeper Help 12 team .5 ppr

League rules:

  1. Only 2 players can be kept from different positions
  2. Their draft round increases the following year (i.e. a keeper in the 4th round costs a 3rd round the following year).
  3. 1st Round picks are not allowed to be kept.

Potential Keepers

  1. Alvin Kamara - 8th round
  2. David Johnson - 6th Round
  3. Odell Beckham - 5th Round
  4. Rob Gronkowski - 6th Round

I’m leaning Odell and Kamara for just the insane value on them but OBJ and DJ is keeping me from pulling the trigger.

Please help.

Its DJ and OBJ. massive value for both, and DJ is a full on workhorse back where even if he doesnt produce at a high level, he has massive touch count to cover up for it. Which, shouldnt happen to him. He will produce at a high level and get the touches. One of very few people I’m VERY confident gets at least 350 touches. Kamara, could produce at a high level again. Or, he could come back down to earth and produce at a good rate with but have way less touches.

OBJ was an easy pick. I’ve had Gronk since his rookie year but I feel like the TE tier 1 list has increased and T2 isn’t that bad of value either.

Kamara concerns me in his regression but even if he had half of the TD’s he’d still be a top-10 RB last year.

DJ is great because he’s a known commodity and you know you’re getting 300+ touches which is 100+ touches, if not more, than Kamara.

Here’s my hick-up: 2 rounds for a younger RB. That’s 2 more years I get to keep him. That’s really all that’s keeping me from pulling the trigger on DJ. Your comment was fantastic and I completely agree with you as the risk with Kamara is much higher. However, the value! Any way you think you can bring me down on the younger/value of 2 extra years for DJ? I’m just looking for a reason.

All very very good points. My counter argument for the difference in rounds is, DJ is only 26. You can get 4 more years of elite production out of him, which would bring kamara to a 4th round pick. Still great value for him, but that’s a long time from now. We dont know what will happen when brees is gone, what trade offers you might get and take. We just dont know what the future holds until it happens. So I tend to go with what I do know has q high chance of happening. So I do agree having a younger, cheaper option is super nice. But DJ Is just elite, and should be for a while. Plus, there is one more to Kamaras reduction than TD regression. Its YPC as well. Unless he is ungodly like Charles was, he will more than likely come down to at least 5 YPC, maybe even 4.5. So even with an increase in touches, his production will probably go down. Which I’m not saying it will, just playing the odds. No one is that efficient at running. But honestly I’m just making the case for DJ, not fighting against kamara. Cause I don’t think you can go wrong here. My tip of the cap just goes to DJ is all.

The idea of known quantity over risk makes complete sense. I like the idea that I know what I am getting out of David Johnson while Kamara is a bit different as you have stated. Will Kamara be a top 10 RB this season? Probably. Could he finish outside of the top 10? Absolutely. David Johnson is a solid floor.

My only other concern is that I’ll be stacking keepers 2 rounds in a row in the 5th and 6th which will be annoying so that’s more of a nuance than a concern.

Thank you! I like the risk but in our weird league where we can keep 2 players in a re-draft snake league, it creates an interesting dynamic on how to approach the draft as well as your future. I’ll end up keeping David Johnson and Odell Beckham.

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DJ and OBJ would be my picks. Next option would be DJ and Kamara, but that’s a far second.