Keeper Help (12-team .5ppr)

I’m in a 12-team .5 ppr league and we can keep up to 2 players. Of these choices who do you think I should keep? (the value at which they’ll be in our draft is next to them)

  • Sony Michel (6th round pick)
  • James White (9th round pick)
  • Tyler Lockett (13th round pick)

I’m leaning towards Lockett and Michel… but Michel’s knee’s scare me. I also feel like White is going to feast this year w/Gronk out…

When do you have to decide? I think it was only minor but I’d want more information on Michel surgery and recovery timetable. But lockett for round 13 is for me a no doubt pick.

White for a ninth or Michel for a sixth is tough. Right now i think I would lean white.

Lockett at that price for sure.

It’s James White and Lockett, and it’s not even close. These are the value picks, and they’re also the players who should produce without question marks. Sony’s health and the acquisition of Damien Harris should be warning signs enough. Although he seems to be rid of his major fumblage (once every 85 times in college), he is just one fumble away from the Patriots’ doghouse, and if Harris gets a shot I see him as stiff competition. Save that 6th round pick for someone else (possibly Alshon, Mike Williams, Robby Anderson…).

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DING DING DING!!! This is elephant in the room for this post, don’t ignore this fact.