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Keeper help - 12 team full ppr



Im looking at my keepers however letting last years issues cloud my decision. Drafting 3rd, one keeper and loose that round.

Brady - 7th
Watkins - 16th
E.Lacy - 16th

I feel like Watkins is the obvious choice however, I got burned bad drafting him high last year (dropped him and picked him up off the waivers, why he sits at 16 now) However Brady in the 7th is nice since he’s going 4 rounds earlier.


Unless you have other options I would keep Brady and Watkins


Watkins in the 16th is my vote. I know he’s scary due to injury history, but if he plays and does well, he’s easily the best value for the pick in my opinion.


i know… ugh got so burned last year ha. Thanks for taking the time!


watkins 100%. no risk in the 16th and his upside is crazy if hes able to play. You can get a good qb late like dalton/stafford/rivers that is more than suitable


My thoughts exactly however, need outside validation, ha. Thanks!