Keeper help 12 team standard

I’m in a 12 man standard league. Each year we can keep two players based on where we drafted them (or for a 15th if they were undrafted). If you keep a player more than one year the value gets halved. So if I drafted a player in the 15th two years ago, last year he cost me a 15th, this year it’ll be a 7th, next year a 3rd until it hits round one and after that you have to give them up.

Because of this RB’s become a premium. David Johnson hasn’t been up for grabs since he was drafted at 11 in his rookie year!

This year it looks like Gurley, David Johnson, Zeke, Kamara, Kareem Hunt and Alex Collins will all be kept. Amongst others.

I could keep two of -

Jay Ajayi for a 4th
Kenyan Drake for a 15th
Evan Engram for a 15th
Chris Carson for a 15th

(if I keep two 15th options one becomes a 14).

Any input welcome.

I think you should keep Engram for sure, he has the most upside and only costs a 15th

As for your second keeper I definitely think Ajayi isn’t worth a 4th so it would be between Drake and Carson, but not sure who to take

Carson might start this season due to Penny’s injury, but there’s no telling for sure and Penny is super talented to not start, and on the other hand Drake was named the starter, but isn’t really a work horse type of back

Its engram and drake for me. They clearly have the best values
I expect drake and carson to have similar perfomance at the beginning of the season but penny should push carson sooner or later. drake doesn’t have that kind of competition

Cheers guys. Engram is intriguing but with Odell back and Saquon I can’t help but think his targets will go down.

Also, with so many premium RB’s being kept, nobody think Ajayi would be worth the 4th?

Appreciate the responses.

Just bumping this back up, got three hours before our keeper deadline…

Get rid of Ajayi (obviously worst value)

And then i’d say get rid of Engram, because all three are good value but you’re most likely to replace value at TE in draft, via Njoku Ben Watson or J Reed (with Vernon Davis as handcuff(One of the only handcuffable TE in the league btw)).

But seriously… Where is the fricken Megalabowl?