Keeper Help: 2 QB

.5 ppr, 2 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 2 FX, 1 TE

I’m keeping Saquan and Tyreek and giving picks 1.12 and 3.12 respectively. Need help with my last keeper. Options are:
Aaron Jones for 6.1
Dak Prescott for 7.12
Courtland Sutton for 11.12
Terry McLaurin for 16.1 (last pick)


I’ve never done 2 QB but I can imagine that Dak in the 7th is a bargain since I can’t even get him there in redraft. But Aaron Jones in the 6th is also quite the bargain. If you think jones would fall to you in the 2nd maybe keep Dak otherwise it’s a coin flip for me. I would do some mock drafts with both of those scenarios and choose based off of what style you felt more comfortable with

Dak at 7.12 or Aaron Jones for the 6.1 would be my two favorites. In superflex dynasty startups both are late 1st-early 3rd picks depending on the league. You’d be getting close to 1st round value for mid round value. McLaurin in the final round is enticing but you can more easily get a WR of his calibre than you can a Dak or AJ.