Keeper Help! (Auction $200 STD scoring league)

I am looking to get some help with a decision on who I should keep 2 of the 3 guys below at their price:

Le’Veon Bell: $65
Derrick Henry: $11
Leonard Fournette: $45

I feel like I could go any of the two and still be in a good situation for the price of the guy.

Lev Bell being at $65 has a little bit of a higher price tag, especially for a guy who either is on his contract year and has ALOT to prove, or could bust and waste me a high end cap.

I feel like Fournette is the guaranteed best option to go with. I should have this guy be 1 of my 2 keepers at a $45 price tag.

Derrick Henry has the biggest concern on whether he will be a BOOM/BUST play, but for $11 dollars…it almost seems too good to not risk it.

Anyone who can alleviate my headache on the best 2 guys to keep would be greatly appreciated.

Please help me out!!! feel free to ask me any follow up questions.

10 or 12 team league?

Do you have to keep 2 or can you just keep 1 or can you keep 0 and come to the draft with $200?

How long can you keep these guys?? Just this year or multiple years?

i hate standard, but this actually makes it a little bit easier. although still a top end RB, the gap closes a bit with no points for each reception. that makes it easy to go with the values of henry and fournette and still save 9$ compared to what bell is worth alone. i dont know if henry ends up an RB1, but ill put even money on him being at least an RB2 with RB1 upside. take the value, and get 2 30$ WRs out of the bell cost. youre team will look much more balanced that way. plus i havent even brought up the bell risk yet, i also dont think i have to all that much.

but again, as frosty said, those questions could change my answer.

Hi guys,

I will answers both. it is a 12 man team.

I have the option to keep max 2 to no one. the price is deducted from my $200 budget, or I get full $200 if I don’t keep anyone

You can keep people as long as you want, just every year their value increases by $5 if you drafted them year before.

so I drafted lev bell 3 years ago at $50 and now get him for $65 this year…Fournette got last year for $40 and Henry I got previous year for $6

kind of what i figured, so my answer doesnt change. take the savings and build around that. :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking same way.

Lev’s got too much up in air to lose out on $65 worth. It could bite me in the ass but I can use that capital to two good 3-6 round value WRs.

My original idea was fournette and henry as well, it’s just hard to say no to a top 3 RB…

it is. and in a vacuum with nothing else, no penalties nothing… its an easy choice. but the team needs to be complete to win. i always hate putting all my eggs into one basket. because if that basket breaks… eek.

Yea I think its the price tag that kills it in the end. $65 is too much risk. He might be worth it for closer to $55…

I think Henry at $11 is below draft day value. I would keep him. Fournette is right around draft day value. Bell is expensive. I would think you could get him for a few bucks less. I am on the fence with Fournette, but I think I would throw him back and only keep Henry

To be honest, My league has alot of the elite runningbacks being kept this year (Gurley, Gordon, Kamara, zeke elliot, David Johnson, Hunt, D Cook) that if I don’t take Fournette I might missed out on that right at value guy (also know that Saquon is very favored in my league right now)

I see that he is risky, but its either him or Bell is my best chance at an RB1 at the moment. I think I would take the $45 dollar risk.