Keeper help -auction

Hi Guys,

I have a tough keeper decision to make in my auction draft with a $200 Budget.

Aaron Rodgers $4
Terry McLauren $18
Diontae Johnson $2

I’m super high on Terry this year and leaning towards keeping him, but Rodgers at $4 would be a great set it and forget it QB. I like diontae and his price is great, but think I should decide between Rodgers and Terry.

Thanks guys, and best of luck with your drafts and seasons!

I’m keeping McLaurin and Dionate.

I’ll pay 10% of my budget for the upside of top 10 WR any day of the week.

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Thank you, I can only keep one keeper. You think Terry is the move?

Kinda depends on how many players you start each week, but assuming a fairly normal lineup, I’d keep Diontae. You should be able to get WRs like McLaurin for only a couple of bucks more than that–Lamb is typically around $20.

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Oh if just one then yeah it’s Diontae for $2

I agree! Rodgers had an epic year lat year. There will be regression. $2 is crazy! I bought him for $16 this year no keeper league. Save your money for Terry or Cee Dee!

So you think I keep Diontae and go for Terry and CeeDee in the draft? How much do you think Terry and CeeDee are going for?

I personally would go for Scary Terry! Fitzmagic was amazing when I had Devante Parker 2019 and Chris Godwin 2018.
C. Lamb is vastly hyped! I think he would go for $30.
Then when Terry comes up dont go for over $30

I just told you, around $20, but that would be for like a 10 team league with a $200 budget. 12 team maybe more like 25. Kinda depends on when he comes out and how many Hard Knocks watchers are in the draft.

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