Keeper Help Bell/OBJ

Looking for general opinions on who I should keep.

I can keep either OBJ or Bell for no penalty.
.5 PPR/12 Team.


I have the first pick of the draft and Barkley/Julio/Adams are best available.

Currently leaning OBJ and drafting Barkely


Jets sched early is not good. OBJ should be good for 10 TD’s. I do think Bell will show up later but it might be too late. I’m taking OBJ but anymore stories on challenging Aaron Rogers or other Terrell Pryor style comments/videos no. I’m taking Bell by default. I see a huge risk with the personalities of OBJ and Mayfield. I would watch that situation because both like to run their mouth.

OBJ no question. Really nervous about Bell this year.
Keep OBJ and draft Barkley, start your team with a top 5 WR and RB combo.

i think i keep bell here. im like most, im worried about his production and how much it will drop. but i expect they still use him a lot and opportunity is king. at worst you have an RB2. at best you have the number 1 RB. im willing to roll those dice to potentially have 2 top 5 RBs. but really its a good problem to have, to have to choose between OBJ and Bell.

Appreciate the info!