Keeper help! -- Colins, JuJu, Adams (and advice on trade offer for Adams)

In a 12 person, .5 PPR league, where I need to can keep two guys. Won the league last year but went all in and don’t have a 1st or 2nd rounder, and select #37 & #38 with nothing else until the 8th round. Keeper’s draft value goes to next round each year (7th in 2018 --6th in 2019)

The choices:

Davante Adams (6th)
Alex Collins (7th)
JuJu (7th)

The league has a high number of trades which swing teams into buyers and sellers. The two big fish of the league this year have started a silent bidding war for Davante Adams’ rights, allowing me to keep Collins and JuJu if I deal Adams.

Both have offered a 1st and 4th in 2019, and am seeing how high they will drive his stock. Would you take this deal? (Note: Other kept WRs - Hopkins (4th), Thomas (3rd), Thielan (7th), Fitzgerald (3rd), Evans (4th), Diggs (6th), Hill (6th)

There has been zero interest in JuJu from the league, and the best offers for Collins were late round picks (11th and 12th rounder this year) which I’m holding out hope somebody would ante-up more. The problem in the league is there are 3-4 guys that are still in need for keepers while the rest of the league has their 2 pretty much done.