Keeper Help: Dak, The Walrus, Hollywood, or F1 McLaurin

Full PPR. I’m already keeping Godwin for 3.12 and Aaron Jones for 10.1. I can keep one of the following, all for a last round pick:

  • Dak Prescott
  • Darren Waller
  • Marquise Brown
  • Terry McLaurin

Interested in the Footclan’s thoughts.

Prescott, not a big deal.

Waller will be solid. Really Carr in general I think he is going to have a great year, however he has a lot of places to go with the football this season.

I Like Hollywood a lot Perhaps burning myself in drafts this year not taking him that much.

Personally McLaurin is the one I would keep. Yes quarterback is bit rocky and while Hollywood may have a higher ceiling, I think McLaurin will be more consistent.

meh… what am I saying flip a coin.

Those two are tough to decide between.

Terry McLaurin for me too!