Keeper Help - Do I Keep Aaron Rodgers?

I need help choosing my keeper for a 10 team PPR league. I can choose to keep 1 or 0 players.

The only real options I have and the round i’d have to take them:

Aaron Rodgers - 5th Round
Josh Gordon - Last Round
Kenyan Drank - Last Round
Derrick Henry - 7th Round

Is there enough value in keeping Rodgers with the 5th, even though he’s generally going early 4th round? Or should I just not keep anyone?

if im keeping anyone its henry. great value, should be the most valuable one here (not including rodgers). i just dont keep QBs. they can be replaced too easy. i would rather use that 5th round pick to bring me another WR or RB to either complete my starting set, or to start bringing in depth behind my starters.

I would keep Henry, he is really good value in the 7th round. Rodgers is not a good enough vale to keep in a 10 team ppr league.

No do not keep Aaron rodgers. Out of all of that, I’m taking Drake in the last round. The ballage hype is totally outplayed, dude is straight trash as a runner. Getting a potential starting RB in the 16th round is insane value and can literally win you your league.

Josh Gordon is close second but given preference to RBs, I would definitely keep Drake. And if he does pan out (which I think he does), you can then keep him next year too for a 15th rounder which is still insane.

Not a big believer in Henry personally but even if you are, he’s going in like the 4th/5th already anyways so not that much value there.