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Keeper Help - Do I Keep AP?


So I need to decide who I keep between AP and Lamar Miller. I have already decided to keep Melvin Gordon (6th), Dez Bryant (2nd), and Tyreek Hill (9th). I want to keep one more running back between Miller (1st) and AP (undrafted). I know Miller is a solid sure thing but if I drop him for AP I can potentially pick up another RB1 with my first round pick (Lynch, Fournette, Mixon, McAfferey, etc.), but if I keep him I am waiting till the third round for my first pick.

Do I go into the season with Gordon, Miller, Dez, and Hill and wait until the third to build?

Or take a chance with Gordon, AP, Dez, and Hill and get a 1st round pick to try and pick up a breakout RB.

10 team standard. QB, 2 RB, 2WR, Flex, D, K.


I wouldn’t keep Miller for a 1st. Roll the dice with the draft.


I keep neither of the AP or Miller.


Drop AP for a 1st round pick? Definitely. Although I think he will be serviceable, his role won’t be that big with Ingram around.


Yeah I’m not crazy about either of those options to be honest. Is Peterson your best option outside of Miller? I’m not sure that Miller offers any value in the first, but it depends on your draft position. What you need to do is go through all the other teams in your league and project who is going to kept and who will therefore be available in the first round. If you are looking at drafting an equal or better player to Miller, you might as well keep Peterson for what I’m assuming is your last round pick? I’m not very high on him at all but there is value there.