Keeper Help (Ertz, Green, Jimmy G, or Mahomes)

Keep 3 - (Denotes draft round penalty)

  • AJ Green (Round 2)
  • Zach Ertz (Round 3)
  • Jimmy G (Round 7)
  • Pat Mahomes (Round 10)

Do you have to keep? Lol! Depending on your draft order I wouldn’t keep anybody. Green is the only viable option in my opinion and you could still get him in the back of the second round on your own. I would just get an all new batch of players

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Lol yeah I’ve been considering that. Our league does keepers based on current ADP. My gut is to keep green and that’s it. It’s hard for me to resist locking in the potential upside of Jimmy G, I wish it was just a few rounds later. -____-

What’s your draft position? That would help me determine green

10th out of 14. Non-Snake draft.

Non snake would put you at pick 20 then. Green would likely be gone by then. I still love the guy so I would take him

Yeah me too, I’ve had him since his rookie year he’s practically family

Keepers based on ADP, gross, lol. That being said if it is a non-snake draft I would keep Green, don’t see him making it back to you in the 2nd.

Also, how is draft order determined? Being in the top 3 in this format has a crazy unfair advantage.

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Yeah people were very opposed to doing last years round drafted or anything like that so current ADP was where we landed. The teams who dont make the playoffs get put in a lotto for the first 8 picks (we had some issues with tanking), next 8 are opposite of how you finish.

It’s a weird little league but its my weird little league.

I’d keep Green and Mahomes, and throw back Ertz and Jimmy G - you don’t have anything else in the late rounds ADP wise that may be worth a flier on? Just wondering if there’s any value to be had… with 14 teams, stuff gets funny late in drafts.

hm only other decent options could be:
Jamison Crowder (6)
Marquise Goodwin (7)
Tevin Coleman (5)
Lamar Miller (4)

Miller and Coleman feel too high. I wouldnt be afarid of drafting crowder or goodwin in that general range

I LOVE Goodwin this year; I have to say I really dislike your league’s “kept at the ADP” rule. I feel like it defeats the purpose of researching and preparing.

Yeah I’m a big fan of Goodwin too, do you think Garcon will eat into his numbers at all now that he is back?

What do you mean it defeats the purpose?

I think Goodwin and Garcon can co-exist. I think Garcon will be a heavier volume type guy, but think of them kind of like Tate(Garcon) and Jones(Goodwin) in that they both fill roles that compliment each other.

And I think that the beauty of a keeper league is that you have the ability to preemptively prepare for the future by learning who is worth drafting in those late rounds. So having Michael Thomas in the 12th for a few years is a reward for identifying him in 2015.

By changing the round a player is in for the following year, it defeats the purpose of targeting those guys late; might as well just be a redraft league at that point (just my opinion).

There’s a million ways to run keeper leagues, so don’t just take my disdain as anything other than one guys opinion.

Good point on Goodwin/Garcon.

Yeah I definitely hear you on the rounds. It rewards you for making good decisions throughout the year. Which is what fantasy is all about. The way a keeper league is set up doesn’t drastically change the way you target someone at the draft though. If you want Michael Thomas you take note of his ADP and try to get him when you think his value is at its best. My league is set up in a way that really promotes snagging “the next stud” so you can keep him for years to come. Rookies dominate the early rounds. It gets interesting when you have three heavy hitters because you lose your first 3 picks, which is a huge cost if any bust.

^I love hearing other league settings and different opinions so I appreciate it.

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It’s to each their own I suppose.

I won my league last year due to the strength of my keepers; being able to flip a guy like Watson (good trade for McCoy) and Kamara (bad trade for Ajayi in week 2) really adds another wrinkle as well.

If the league operates well with a different format, then there’s no reason to change it. I have one guy in the league I commish who is constantly trying to add things to make it more complicated and I have to tell him that changing just for the sake of changing doesn’t work out lol

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Yeah better to be consistent and straight-forward than complicate things year after year.

I like complicated fantasy leagues, but only when I know 9 other guys are in it who ALSO love complicated fantasy leagues. Longest running league I’m in is going on it’s 16th year this year… we’ve done everything from 2 QB, to superflex, to IDP, to you name it (short of making it a dynasty league but I’ve pitched it). The difference is we’ve all been around for a decade + so no one’s leaving lol.