Keep 3
C.McCaffrey @ 3.03, D.Henry@ 5.03, Mike Williams @ 15.03
or any of this pool of players acquired from the wire, so they cost an 8th but if more than 1 is kept, they ascend in rounds so 2 would cost a 7 and 8, 3 would cost a 6, 7 and 8…
JuJu, Josh Gordon, P.Barber, C.Carson

For me it’s CMC, Gordon, and Juju or Williams. I really like Williams a lot this year, but he could easily also be a bust and not do anything. Juju is much safer for sure. I wouldn’t keep wither RB from the waiver due to I think they are only starters for a few weeks. Barber may get the first half, but if you are going to keep a RB I would rather have Henry than either.


Thanks, Ive been thinking i’d go CMC, Henry, Gordon so its good to reconfirm that Im not crazy for waivering on Henry and going JuJu instead.