Keeper Help for me please - UPDATE

So I can’t do Nixon - 2nd rounder last year league rules No 1st or 2nd round picks from last year can be held as keepers. So at least I can keep Hopkins!
So I’m back to square 1 - sort of. My 2nd keeper can be one of the following
Damien Williams
Allen Robinson
Golden Tate
Curtis Samuel

12 team 1/2 ppr
Thx in advance

You got Hopkins in the 3rd round last year?

yep so he is good to go for one of my keepers

leaning towards damien williams it will cost me my 8th round this year

Damien Williams for an eighth is a gift and I’m not even convinced by him but that is the value. Potential rb1/2 for a pick that if you got streaming option you’d be feeling good about.

Keep Damien Williams…he should have great opportunity this season.

Not sure how you landed Hopkins in the 3rd round…but that’s a steal!

Thx for the reply - this is my 2nd year in this league, I inherited him last year and it was equivalent to a 3rd rounder - yes it is a steal. Furthermore I now have the 2nd pick in the draft, so I cannot wait to see who is available