Keeper Help For Me Please!

Good Morning!

I need help with my Keepers - I need to keep 2!
DEAndre Hopkins
Joe Mixon
Allen Robinson
Golden Tate
Curtis Samuel

I am leaning towards Hopkins ( naturally) and Tate but I keep wavering on the 2nd choice! Help Please?

Hopkins and Mixon, its not even close (unless you can’t keep both of them)


Unless there are round values attached to these guys Michael is right hopkins/mixon and its not very close.

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Thanks so much
Makes sense - I was think 2 receivers all along but mIxon was my 2 nd choice at the start!

Go with my gut ! Lol

Tate is literally the last choice on this list lol.

Nuk and Mixon no question.

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Nuk and Mixon and don’t look back

thank you all!

Yet another nail in that coffin, Nuke and Mixon no question.